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Supply Nation Indigenous Business Trade Fair in Parliament House Canberra

Corporate Culcha joins over 80 other Indigenous businesses to talk Procurement with over 400 attendees from government and industry.

Well, we didn’t speak to every one of those 400 Canberra based attendees, but by the end of the Trade Fair, it certainly did feel like it. 

Tuesday 12 February was a busy, fun, noisy, hectic and very productive day.  Corporate Culcha was one of around 85 Indigenous businesses exhibiting products and services for Supply Nation members based in and around Canberra.  This included Federal Government departments, ACT Government, Canberra-based industry. 

The Trade Fair was held in the Great Hall of Parliament House, on a stunning Canberra day.  As a Certified Supply Nation (SN) supplier since 2010, Corporate Culcha has attended many such events hosted by SN and the Federal government, but none as upbeat, busy and productive as this one.  It must have been something in the air, because it was a day the politicians were pretty busy debating in the House as well.  Minister Scullion did however find the time to pay a visit and deliver a rousing speech on the Indigenous Procurement Policy and what it’s meant to Indigenous businesses and communities around the country.

Paul and Vanessa keenly engaged with organisations, raising the following important points relating to the Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP):

We checked in with them to determine how their organisation is currently fulfilling the IPP targets?
We asked about how they intended to meet the mandatory minimum requirements for the IPP in upcoming contracts?

And ……

We offered suggestions about what their competitors might be planning for the next tender.

Corporate Culcha has been working with Procurement teams since the release of the IPP to help them unpack the policies, build a team’s capacity to engage with Indigenous businesses and embed best practice models within the organisation.  In short, we’ve been supporting our clients to stay ahead of the curve and develop sustainable and successful relationships.

This day gave us the opportunity to ‘spread the word’ to such a great variety of businesses and government departments.  Even if it means just one more Indigenous business has been incorporated into a supply chain this week, it’s been a good week!


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