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Kuku’nathi Konnect training highlights strength of Culcha

Participants at Kukunathi Konnect Training
Participants Bevan and Ina with Corporate Culcha trainers Kitrina and Jodi and Valkyrie Bird from Kukunathi

Having just completed an eighth module, it is clear Kuku’nathi Konnect training is successfully bringing the communities of the Western Cape together with service providers and national training organisations.

Over two days, eleven keen participants attended the latest modules in this free, monthly training, specifically designed to upskill local jobseekers so they are ready for future opportunities. Kuku’nathi Services have partnered with Indigenous-owned and operated workforce development and training organisation, Corporate Culcha, to ensure the training offered is tailored to their jobseekers needs and aspirations, culturally appropriate and grows actionable skills. Since November last year, Corporate Culcha’s experienced trainers Kitrina, Jodi and now Marc have travelled to the Western Cape to deliver modules that address the unique challenges faced in remote communities. From money management to leadership, and work fitness to teamwork, the wide-ranging training equips participants with skills that are useful both in and outside of the workplace.

Kuku’nathi Services pre-employment specialist Valkyrie Bird said that participants have been getting a lot from the training, reporting higher motivation and many striving to attend each month. She also believes hosting the latest modules in the new Napranum Hub space had further boosted engagement and offered more opportunities for participants.

“The feedback we get each time we offer this training is very positive, our participants tell me how motivated they feel now, and how keen they are for more training.

“Even, as we drop them home, they are making sure I will remind them ahead of the next training dates, and telling me about the friends and family members they will invite along too!

Participants at Kukunathi Konnect Training
Participants Daniel, Ina, Stephanie, Edwina and Bevan with Corporate Culcha trainers Kitrina and Jodi

“It was also fantastic to have these latest modules in our new Napranum training room, it’s so much closer to home for our participants, so much closer that one even declined our offer of bus transport and rode his bicycle to the training instead!”

Corporate Culcha trainer Kitrina Bushell also praised the move to the new space, allowing the training to be embedded even further into the community.

“Its so nice to be delivering training in the community where participants live. We always tailor our training modules to the location we are in, including local examples, photos and industries.

“The move to the Napranum hub will also allow us to explore ways we can get more hands-on and out-and-about in the community during the next modules.”

Kitrina said the Corporate Culcha trainers all enjoy travelling to the Western Cape region, and feel the communities there have welcomed them and appreciate the cultural specific training they are providing.

“Once you are known, you are welcomed to these communities. The Napranum community has embraced us and Jodi, Marc and I love hearing that we have motivated them and they value our training.

“We aren’t there to tell people what they should be doing, we help them to get to where they want to be, using their culture as a strength.”

The next modules, covering workplace culture and getting and keeping jobs, are scheduled for late June. They are free to attend and open to anyone in the Western Cape. Please speak to the Kuku’nathi Services team to find out more if you would like to get involved.

Participants at Kukunathi Konnect Training
Ina Savo, Tam Wees, Kitrina Bushell, Marc Daley, Seri Madua, Latonia Ara and Kirri Visini at training in Napranum

About Kuku’nathi Services

Kuku’nathi Services is an Indigenous-led hub providing services to empower the communities in the Western Cape region. Built on the pillars of honesty, integrity, commitment and dedication our inclusive services provide for family security, safety and prosperity.

Kuku’nathi Services provides a network of services including employment, training, business solutions and project management. We work with governments and businesses of all sizes who operate locally; and individuals looking for employment opportunities regardless of race, age, religion, gender identity, sexuality and ability.

We remain connected to our Indigenous heritage and committed to stronger representation of our culture in community investments. We reference our history and learn from our ancestors to shape our path. Inclusively empowering Indigenous communities is at the heart of all we do.

Kuku’nathi Services is an incorporated standalone organisation developed through a joint venture initiative between Mokwiri Enterprises and My Pathway.


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