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Corporate Culcha nominated for Supply Nation Supplier Diversity Awards - Certified Supplier of the Year

Supply Nation Supplier Diversity Awards

This year, Corporate Culcha is marking some significant milestones, celebrating 15 years of Supply Nation membership and 16 years of dedication, determination, and excellence as a proud and robust First Nations business.

As a result, we nominated for the 2024 Supply Nation Supplier Diversity Awards - Certified 'Supplier of the Year' award, and have been announced as one of three finalists.

We first nominated in 2010 and were proud to be inaugural co-winners.  We've come a long way since then and wanted to share our achievements with our collaborators, community, clients and colleagues. We couldn't be prouder of the work we do and the Supply Nation members and suppliers who have embraced our programs and our dedication to true collaboration. In fact, all our collaborators and clients, thank you.  The event will be held in Meanjin, 29 August 2024.


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